lunedì, dicembre 03, 2007

Hillary Clinton dietro alle ultime insinuazioni su Giuliani?

Come mai il clan di Hillary Clinton starebbe già passando dettagli sugli "scandali " di Rudy Giuliani? Forse per timore: Giuliani è l'unico in grado di battere la senatrice, quindi deve essere fermato prima che possa conquistare la nomination.
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Hillary Behind Giuliani Billing Disclosures?
Political insiders are speculating that the hidden hand of Hillary Clinton was behind recent disclosures about Rudy Giuliani’s questionable billing practices as New York City mayor.
The disclosed on Wednesday that Mayor Giuliani
billed obscure city agencies for tens of thousands of dollars in
security costs during the time he was starting an extramarital
affair with future wife Judith Nathan in the Hamptons on Long
Island, where she had a condo.
The speculation by insiders is that the information about
Giuliani’s billing practices was unearthed by Democrat Hillary
Clinton’s campaign researchers while she was running for the U.S.
Senate in the 2000 election.
The thinking is that Hillary is convinced that she’ll win the
nomination, and is seeking to knock off Rudy early because Clinton
and her backers believe Giuliani is the only GOP candidate who could
beat her in the general election.
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