giovedì, novembre 15, 2007

Iowa o Imola?

Parlando di melting pot: alcune zone tradizionalmente tranquille ed ospitali degli USA comincerebbero ad avere problemi on l'immigrazione clandestina. I termini del problema sono simili a quelli italiani e libertypundit li esprime al meglio; per fortuna la società americana è probabilmente più preparata della nostra.
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I know a lot of people say that those opposed to illegal immigrants are xenophobes or racists, but that’s not the case here at all. Iowans don’t have a problem with immigrants in the least. We are a state that is extremely hospitable, almost to a fault. We gladly welcome virtually anybody who comes here. But we won’t roll out the welcome mat it if they’re breaking the law and putting a strain on society. Iowans want to see people fill out the necessary papers, go through the process legally, and then come to the state. If they do that, we’ll be glad to call them “neighbor.”

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