giovedì, giugno 26, 2008

Ancora problemi sul mercato monetario

Il mercato interbancario ricomincia a mostrare segni di tensione, nonstante le centinaia di miliardi di dollari pompati nel sistema dalle banche centrali e, soprattutto, i miliardi raccolti dalle banche stesse sotot forma di aumenti di capitale. Si tratta soltanto del tentativo di conservare cassa ed abbellire i bilanci in occasione della tirmestrale, oppure c'e' qualcosa di piu', come pochi mesi fa, nonostante la nuova liquidita'?
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LONDON -- Tensions in Europe's short-term lending markets are on the rise again, repeating a pattern that central bankers had hoped to end by pumping in hundreds of billions of dollars in recent months.

The pressure partly reflects an end-of-quarter effect, as banks hoard cash to make sure their finances look healthy when they report second-quarter results.


But it also demonstrates that fears of further write-downs and possible failures aren't going away.

The write-downs will eat further into the capital cushions banks maintain against future losses, at a time when raising new capital is becoming tough. Since the financial crisis began last summer, banks globally have raised about $300 billion in an attempt to offset nearly $400 billion in write-downs.

"The problem is that as quickly as capital is being raised, it has been lost," Citigroup Inc. banking analyst Simon Samuels wrote in a recent report.
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