sabato, luglio 19, 2008


Al confronto, l'eredita' da "socialista cristiano" di Bush non e' nulla; sarebbe succificente, IMHO, smetterla di giocare una partita con regole decise dall'avversario e spiegare chiaramente come Obama e quello che incarna non sono altro che la versione pura e dura degli aspetti peggiori della presidenza Bush, ma senza i suoi pregi. 

"The Ford ad team honed in on his record, with man-on-the-street ads, some filmed on the streets of Atlanta. It was risky, going against the grain of public opinion. But the Ford campaign persisted, and it worked. The McCain campaign needs to take the same risk and to persist in the face of media disapproval. 

Finally, the Ford campaign altered the mood of the nation. Voters then, as now, thought the nation was off on the wrong track. The Ford campaign, with a catchy song, 'I'm Feeling Good About America,' and upbeat ads starting off with shots of Air Force One, argued that their candidate was leading the nation around the corner, making Americans feel proud again. The McCain campaign needs to do something similar, to argue that their candidate can help the nation turn the corner and lead us into better times."

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