domenica, agosto 16, 2009

Anche tu delatore: Obama vuole la tua denuncia di chi non concorda con la riforma sanitaria.

come si sarebbero scatenati i media se W avesse predisposto una hotline per denunciare i suoi oppositori? Obama lo ha appena fatto.
In realtà, ci era anche andato vicino nel caso Chrysler, esponendo alla gogna i gestori che avevano l'unica colpa di fare il proprio mestiere
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In a bizarre move, the White House, on its official blog, is asking people to report information on health insurance that "seems fishy:"

If you get an email or see something on the web about health insurance reform that seems fishy, send it to

By asking Americans to report "disinformation" by their fellow citizens, the White House is attempting to stifle important debate.

In his IBD piece, Michael Cannon puts it best: "Indeed, Democrats aren't reforming anything. They're just throwing more money at a broken health care sector. And they'd prefer you not know how much."

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