lunedì, settembre 22, 2008

Abbiamo bruciato "solo" la metà

"Shorn of all its complexity, the finance industry is caught between two brutally simple forces. It needs capital, because assets like houses and promises to pay debts are worth less than most people thought. Even if some gain from falling asset prices, lenders and insurers have to book losses, which leaves them needing money. Finance also needs to shrink. The credit boom not only inflated asset prices, it also inflated finance itself. The financial-services industry’s share of total American corporate profits rose from 10% in the early 1980s to 40% at its peak last year. By one calculation, profits in the past decade amounted to $1.2 trillion more than you would have expected." The Economist

LA buona notizia è che le svalutazioni, sinora, sono state di circa 550 miliardi. Abbimao ancora un discreto cuscinetto, nonstante i dividendi?

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