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Chuck Schumer suona falso persino ai suoi sostenitori

Chuck Schumer è attualmente uno dei due senatori dello stato di New York, insieme ad Hillary Clinton ed è stato uno degli artefici della vittoria democratica dle 2006.
Il suo successo chiarisce quanto il risultato congressuale sia stato colpa degli errori dei repubblicani, più che di qualsiasi pregio dei democratici: il suo libro di memorie che ha appena pubblicato non evita la stroncatura neppure da parte di un ardente socialdemocratico, scusate, "liberal" , Eric Alterman, dalle colonne del New York Times:
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Schumer didn’t get to where he is by taking unnecessary chances, and judging by his first book, “Positively American,” he’s not eager to risk much as an author, either. Even allowing for the (soft bigotry of) low expectations one brings to a work by an active politician, this is still a bad book. Much of it reads as if it were merely a combination of hastily cobbled-together speeches and position papers, filled out with stale one-liners and homiletic pronouncements — the kind of book made for gift giving rather than actual reading. I am, broadly speaking, politically and culturally in sympathy with Schumer’s progressive politics, but finishing these 274 pages proved a chore on the order of eating a supermarket aisle’s worth of Wonder Bread. (And from one New York Jew to another, Chuck, I know that’s gotta hurt.)

Though the first half of “Positively American” is presented as a political memoir, its author admits to fewer personality flaws than, say, St. Francis of Assisi had.
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