martedì, maggio 19, 2009

Il vero problema cinese

La qualità viene intenzionalmente distrutta dopo i primi tempi. E' la tesi, estremamente ben documentato, "Poorly Made in China: An Inside Account of the Tactics Behind China’s Production Game" di Paul Midler, consulente per l'outsourcing che ha vissuto a lungo in Cina e parla fluentemente il cinese.
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Factories will do anything to please. Prices are famously low and production cycles short. His clients returned from their initial trips to China stunned by how quickly factories became proficient and puzzled by how much could be done so well, so fast, so cheaply. They were right to wonder.

Most of Mr Midler’s work is coping with what he calls “quality fade” as the Chinese factories transform what were, in fact, profitless contracts into lucrative relationships. The production cycle he sees is the opposite of the theoretical model of continuous improvement. After resolving teething problems and making products that match specifications, innovation inside the factory turns to cutting costs, often in ways that range from unsavoury to dangerous. Packaging is cheapened, chemical formulations altered, sanitary standards curtailed, and on and on, in a series of continual product debasements.

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