lunedì, dicembre 05, 2005

Avete presente il video dell'assalto ai marines che gira in questi giorni ? E' una bufala... molto probabilmente, si tratta di un vecchio video riciclato. Lo riporta The Jawa Report:

"The truth behind the video was revealed earlier today on Fox News (watch 'Terror Tape' video), in an interview with American Colonel Barry Johnson from Baghdad. The video being played on al Jazeera depicts troops moving along a street accompanied by a Humvee. The Marines were attacked in a courtyard; no Humvee was present.

Quello che intristisce: persino AL-Jazeera adesso ammette a mezza bocca che il video non e' confermato. Il TG3, fino a ieri sera, continuava a mandarlo ossessivamente in onda come "prova" del fallimento degli USA in Iraq.

Sometime this afternoon al Jazeera added a paragraph deep in the body of the story saying that the video is unconfirmed. They continue to feature a still from the video with a caption saying it is of Thursday's attack."

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