mercoledì, dicembre 07, 2005


Sempre dall' Economist: "Mr Martino is one of Italy's few avowed liberals, but his influence on economic policy has, sadly, been small."

Non ch eci servisse l'Ecomunist... ma almeno loro sanno distinguere un liberale da un gobettiano alla D'Alema.

One thing that Italy lacks is a truly liberal-minded party. The closest are Giorgio La Malfa's Republican Party, a tiny group that has thrown in its lot with the centre-right; and the Radical Party of Marco Pannella and Emma Bonino, which is not now represented in parliament. Mario Monti, at Bocconi University, caused a stir recently by questioning the ability of either coalition to implement reforms. Many saw this as a call for a new centre party, but Mr Monti seems to have no serious plans for one. More's the pity: Italy badly needs more believers in the free market.

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