martedì, dicembre 06, 2005

Qualche piccola buona notizia da Putin-landia

I liberali russi riescono finalmente a rimanere uniti e a rialzare la testa. Prendono l'11% - in Itlaia non riusciamo a fare di meglio, purtroppo! - Moscow Election Further Boosts Putin's Prospects: "The outcome came as a relief to Russia's beleaguered pro-Western liberals, who won 11%. Russia's two main liberal parties, Yabloko and SPS, had joined forces for the first time in a major election and won just enough to get them over the 10% threshold to win council seats. If the two can stay united and replicate that performance nationally, they will be able to return to the Duma, which they failed to get into in 2003. 'These elections were critically important for us,' said Grigory Yavlinsky, leader of Yabloko. 'We got a mandate to keep working.'"

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